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A safety rep for all seasons
24-Feb-2020 15:35

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News release: New date set for forensic science strike
info 2-Jun-2004 00:00

News release: Prospect calls on physics head to face his staff
info 30-Apr-2008 00:00

Profile: Profile, October-November 2011
info 4-Oct-2011 12:41
Includes: closing veterinary labs will hurt fight against animal disease (p7); government gearing up for attack on union reps' facility time? (p9); pensions Day of Action - civil service members asked to vote yes (p14); gap between UK foreign policy objectives and defence capabilities (p18); women in science (p19); Prospect at TUC (p20); restoring a historic garden (p22); social media: take care airing workplace grievances (p25)

Profile: Profile, August 2011
info 11-Aug-2011 11:54
Contents include: political fund (p4); uproar over pension contributions (p5); Prospect’s new science body (p9); homeworking survey (p15); new health and safety cuts are bad news for Britain’s workers (p16); discrimination at work (p19); one man’s struggle against stammering (p22)

Profile: Profile, June 2011
info 14-Jun-2011 15:37
Contents include: nuclear future: no room for complacency (p4); craziest policy ever – a carbon tax on low-carbon research (p9); Prospect’s three-year international development project (p10); UK economy at the crossroads (p16); what Prospect is doing to balance the odds for workers with disabilities (p19); investment decisions in energy (p21)

Profile: Profile, April 2011
info 21-Apr-2011 12:18
Personal injury scheme: record year, millions in settlements for members (p7); I'm not a number - Prospect’s campaign for professional jobs makes debut in Commons (p8); Forensic Science fears grow (p9); great pensions surprise (p19); organisational changes puts strain on professionals (p21); help shape policy on Prospect's new voice for science (p27)

Leaflet/booklet: I'm Not A Number... I'm a microbiologist
info 3-Mar-2011 15:17
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – It takes years of training to become a qualified microbiologist like Dave Roberts. His work enhances our understanding of biodiversity and some of the smallest living organisms on our planet

Leaflet/booklet: I'm Not A Number... I'm a forensic scientist
info 3-Mar-2011 15:13
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – Detailed analytical expertise is vital to convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent. As a forensic biologist, Suzanne Armitage is a key member of a team that has helped secure convictions in many high-profile criminal cases

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