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Steady hand in stormy times
11-Dec-2019 12:41

Delivering for young workers
5-Feb-2019 10:45

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Poster: Safety reps – your rock in a hard place – Welsh language version
Cynrychiolwyr diogelwch – craig i’ch cynnal mewn argyfwng

Leaflet/booklet: At your service – Thank you to Prospect
info 11-Jul-2012 09:55
Members express their thanks after Prospect’s crucial High Court victory in a test case over the enduring pension protection provided by the Energy Act 2004

Knowledge Document: Recruitment factsheet: you are not alone!
info 7-Jun-2012 17:46
Prospect relies on local volunteers, and we’ll do everything we can to support you in your role. This factsheet summarises what you can expect from us.

Knowledge Document: Recruitment factsheet: why everyone should join a union
info 7-Jun-2012 17:44
Five reasons why people should join a union.

Knowledge Document: Recruitment factsheet: what Prospect reps do
info 7-Jun-2012 17:42
Prospect has over 4000 volunteer reps who undertake crucial roles to support members. This factsheet summarises some of the roles and activities they volunteer for.

Knowledge Document: Recruitment factsheet: time off for your union activities
info 7-Jun-2012 17:35
Trade union reps have the right to undertake their role, with reasonable paid time off and resources to do it. Most Prospect branches have local agreements that reflect this, sometimes referred to as a ‘facilities agreement.'

Knowledge Document: Recruitment factsheet: getting organised
info 7-Jun-2012 17:28
Set recruitment objectives, manage your time and resources, share the work out, review your progress.

Knowledge Document: Recruitment factsheet: excuses for not joining
info 7-Jun-2012 17:18
Prepare yourself with responses to some of the most common reasons people give for not joining the union.