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Ageism is just so old hat
25-Feb-2020 09:34

Time to look after the carers
24-Feb-2020 16:17

Is your PPE fit for purpose?
6-Dec-2019 09:21

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NASA spacewalk stumble
28 March 2019 11:08 Sue Ferns


Profile: Profile issue 1-09, February 2009
info 12-Feb-2009 15:46
Contents include: facing up to the recession - reps and members batten down the hatches in the new economic environment; defence pay - three-year deal provides relief and security for MOD members (p7); nuclear new build comes closer (p8); Ofgem victory - pressure from Prospect persuades regulator to drop attack on electricity pensions (p10); equal pay battles (p15)

Annual report: Prospect annual report 2007
info 31-Mar-2008 16:42
Prospect's annual report and accounts for the year ending 31 December 2007.

Members' guide: 17 Equality at work
info 24-Feb-2017 00:00
An overview of the legal rights that relate to equal opportunities at work as at November 2012.

Profile: Profile, September 2007
info 1-Sep-2007 00:00
Contents include: fair pay strikers bring Devonport to standstill; calling all members - road safety is a public service; pay cuts at National Museum of Liverpool; Prospect rep wins important victory for disabled workers

Employment law briefing: Mobility obligations
info 20-Jan-2010 00:00
This briefing looks at mobility obligations

Members' guide: Harassment and bullying
info 28-Sep-2017 00:00
This guide aims to raise awareness of what constitutes unacceptable behaviour and advise members and reps on how to deal with it. It covers: the different kinds of harassment and bullying, the law; employers’ duties and negotiating a policy.

Profile: Profile, October 2006
info 1-Oct-2006 00:00
Contents include: sign up for science; Prospect hails Cadman equal pay ruling; good progress in nuclear pension talks; logistics members begin work-to-rule; our 2006 science and technology survey

Profile: Profile, March 2006
info 1-Mar-2006 00:00
Contents include: RIP Silsoe Research Institute; woman on a mission for pay equality; Scarborough or bust: charity ride to BNC; more hammer blows to public science - but does anyone in government care?