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Grahame Robinson 1959-2020
11-Nov-2020 11:35

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News release: New fears for private sector defence
info 13-Sep-2012 14:47
New fears for private sector defence in light of government cuts

News release: Specialists gear up for battle on pay and jobs
info 10-Sep-2012 10:13
Specialists gear up for battle on pay and jobs, general secretary designate tells TUC

News release: Worse skills crisis looms
info 30-Aug-2012 13:04
Worse skills crisis looms, warns Prospect

News release: Defence GOCO is a no-no
info 17-Jul-2012 13:47
Prospect warns that new defence GOCO is a no-no

News release: TUPE success
info 11-Jun-2012 12:35
Prospect success over breach of staff transfer terms

News release: No Jubilee glee for BAE staff
info 1-Jun-2012 12:02

News release: Conference support for QinetiQ staff
info 25-May-2012 12:06
Prospect says de-recognition at QinetiQ is attack on core values

News release: MOD’s smoke and mirrors
info 14-May-2012 16:19
Prospect says MOD’s balanced books is smoke and mirrors

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