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News release: Specialists warn government over pensions bill
info 13-Sep-2012 14:44

Press Release: Position statement on proposed Ports of Jersey incorporation
info 10-Sep-2012 16:06
JCSA/ Prospect and Unite Civil Service position statement on the proposed incorporation of the Ports of Jersey. The issues is being discussed in the Jersey Government on 11 September 2012. The document was sent toa ll Jerset politicians and the Jersey media.

News release: Specialists gear up for battle on pay and jobs
info 10-Sep-2012 10:13
Specialists gear up for battle on pay and jobs, general secretary designate tells TUC

News release: Worse skills crisis looms
info 30-Aug-2012 13:04
Worse skills crisis looms, warns Prospect

News release: Quango cull hurts UK economy
info 22-Aug-2012 15:50
Quango cull will hurt UK economy, Prospect warns

News release: Defence GOCO is a no-no
info 17-Jul-2012 13:47
Prospect warns that new defence GOCO is a no-no

News release: Civil service professionals reject management by diktat
info 19-Jun-2012 14:54

News release: Inspection prevents infection
info 8-Jun-2012 12:54
Prospect says proactive inspection prevents infection