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MOLA announces job cuts
25-Feb-2020 10:41

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News release: Pickles must apologise to flood specialists for outrageous scapegoating
info 10-Feb-2014 12:54

Attachment: SES2+ Q&As
info 29-Jan-2014 11:10
Safety up, delays down in the UK’s complex airspace – why air traffic management unions oppose SES2+

News release: Air traffic protest against outsourcing plans
info 29-Jan-2014 11:10

News release: Cameron must suspend Environment Agency cuts as storms sweep UK, says Prospect union
info 3-Jan-2014 13:53

Graphic: Environment Agency, tidal surge 2013 graphic
info 10-Dec-2013 09:36
Infographic produced by the Environment Agency about the tidal surge on 5 December 2013

News release: Prospect slams 1,400 environment job cuts
info 11-Oct-2013 13:39

News release: Museum cuts illogical
info 5-Jun-2013 16:46
Museum cuts illogical, says specialists’ union

News release: 'Breach of trust' over O2 jobs
info 30-May-2013 17:09
Union dismay at ‘breach of trust’ over O2 jobs