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Employment law update: Unlawful retirement age for football match officials
info 15-Apr-2010 08:21
This update reports the successful case taken by Prospect for four members working as Assistant Referees who were unlawfully discriminated against on the grounds of their age when they were retired from officiating at top level football games at the age of 48.

Student handout/worksheet: ACAS Time off for trade union duties and activities Guidance document Jan 2010
info 1-Jan-2010 13:16
ACAS guidance document re time off for trade union duties and activities, including ULR's

Employment law update: Age discrimination and loyalty schemes
info 10-Mar-2010 10:11
In Pulham and Ors v London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, the EAT held that, contrary to the position as regards sex discrimination and equal pay, age discriminatory pay protection arrangements are always potentially justifiable.

Employment law update: TUPE and pay agreements after the transfer
info 9-Mar-2010 10:06
The Court of Appeal has ruled that following a transfer of undertakings, workers cannot rely on collective agreements that have been reached between the original employer and the union after the transfer

Employment law update: Seniority based pay systems
info 20-Oct-2009 12:12
The Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of Christine Wilson in the latest stage of our long-running legal challenge against the Health and Safety Executive over long, seniority-based pay scales.

Employment law update: Annual leave and sickness
info 28-Sep-2009 08:39
The European Court of Justice has confirmed that where a worker is unable to take annual leave because they are sick, they must be allowed to take it at a later date – even if this means carrying it over to a new leave year.

Annual report: Prospect annual report 2008
info 22-Jul-2009 16:20
Prospect's annual report and accounts for the year ending 31 December 2008.

Employment law update: Holiday pay and sickness
info 11-Jun-2009 15:18
The House of Lords have ruled that claims for paid leave during periods of sickness can be pursued as an unlawful deduction of wages claim under the Employment Rights Act.