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Circular: Standard: Civil servants, impartiality, respecting the rule of law and serving the government of the day
info 11-Oct-2019 15:02
Circular advising PSS branch secs, PSSEC and FTOs that Prospect wrote to Sir Mark Sedwill on 12 September raising potential concerns with regard to the behaviour of the Prime Minister and the government. These concerns revolved around the Civil Service Code and the duty of civil servants to act in such a way that their political impartiality does not come into question, their responsibility to serve the government of the day and to operate within the rule of law.

Attachment: Letter to Sir Mark Sedwill - 12 September 2019
info 11-Oct-2019 12:41
Letter from Garry Graham to Sir Mark Sedwill outlining the increasing concerns expressed by Prospect members working in the civil service.

Attachment: Response from Sir Mark Sedwill - 11 October 2019
info 11-Oct-2019 12:33
Letter from Sir Mark Sedwill regarding impartiality of the civil service.

Letter: Letter to Sir Mark Sedwill
info 13-Sep-2019 09:39
Garry Graham letter to Sir Mark Sedwill

Leaflet/booklet: Performance management in the civil service: quick guide for managers
info 29-Aug-2019 13:08
Quick guide for managers on performance management in the civil service

Circular: Standard: Civil Service Statistics – March 2019
info 30-Jul-2019 11:36
Civil Service stats as at March 2019.

Letter: Mike Clancy and Dave Penman to party leaders on civil service
info 24-Jul-2019 11:37
Letter from MC and DP to all UK party leaders on respecting civil service independence

Leaflet/booklet: Civil servants deserve better
info 5-Jun-2019 12:49
A5 recruitment leaflet, produced to coincide with Civil Service Live 2019