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News release: Government needs specialists
info 18-Feb-2013 16:31
Horsemeat crisis shows that specialists must be at the heat of government

News release: Defence specialists welcome report
info 5-Feb-2013 11:16
Defence specialists welcome acquisition report

News release: IPO set to strike
info 1-Feb-2013 13:51
Patent examiners to strike over ‘shambolic pay system’

News release: Union hopes fire college sale will protect jobs
info 13-Dec-2012 17:23

News release: Squeezing specialists no answer
info 5-Dec-2012 14:17
Squeezing specialists no answer – civil service union

News release: Astute problems down to cuts
info 16-Nov-2012 12:55
Astute problems the result of cuts warn defence specialists

News release: Specialists warn government over pensions bill
info 13-Sep-2012 14:44

Press Release: Position statement on proposed Ports of Jersey incorporation
info 10-Sep-2012 16:06
JCSA/ Prospect and Unite Civil Service position statement on the proposed incorporation of the Ports of Jersey. The issues is being discussed in the Jersey Government on 11 September 2012. The document was sent toa ll Jerset politicians and the Jersey media.