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Capita Members’ Update
21-Apr-2020 14:06

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Employment law briefing: Pay progression – establishing a contractual right to it
info 22-Jul-2010 15:16
This briefing looks at when we may be able to show a contractual right to pay progression and how to challenge non-payment of progression increases.

Profile: Profile, July 2010
info 5-Jul-2010 17:30
Contents include: budget implications: coalition cuts threaten the job, pay and pension of all members (p3-5); air traffic sale raises new safety fears; new presidential team (p8); national conference reports; Prospect 2009 accounts (p26)

National newsletter: Equal Pay - fighting for fairness for all
info 2-Jun-2010 12:18
Prospect's newsletter on equal pay

Submission: Equal Pay: Statutory Code of Practice
info 1-Apr-2010 09:32
Prospect's submission to the EHRC consultation regarding the above.

Profile: Profile, September 2009
info 15-Sep-2009 10:33
Contents include: Stand up for your rights on redundancy terms in the Civil Service (p3); Electricity pensions – Ofgem told to back off (p3); Air engineers at the ALAE vote to join Prospect (p4); Pensions and new recruits are union's focus at TUC (p4); Stress levels soar in energy networks (p4); Prospect warns on future MOD civilian workforce cuts (p5); Union attacks Shadow Defence Secretary's untruths on MOD civil servants (p5); MPs back call to stop VOSA test centre closures (p6); Redundancy and early retirement unfairness in the Civil Service (p16); Pension benefits Pt 1 (19); Clinical negligence (p22); Dangers of aniline ink (p25); Prospect who's who negotiating pitch chart (p26-27)

Profile: Profile, July 2009
info 21-Jul-2009 15:36
Contents include: Connect 'yes' boosts Prospect vision of professionals' union (p3); round 10 in battle for equal pay rights (p3); redundancy - discrimination claims against age tapering pay off for scores of members (p4); Prospect to make new policy push on defence (p5); Prospect member launches a groundbreaking green energy project (p7); parliament joins chorus of disapproval at plans to dismantle the Forensic Science Service (p20)

Knowledge Document: IDS report on the government’s pay policy and progression rises
info 12-Sep-2008 18:38
A research paper produced for Prospect and the FDA by Incomes Data Services. It examines the different ways in which progression is treated across the public sector, specifically in respect of the annual pay rises received by employees, and in the context of the current Government policy on pay rises for public sector staff. Particular attention is paid to NHS staff and school teachers in England and Wales, on the one hand, and civil servants on the other.

Profile: Profile issue 3-09, May 2009
info 8-May-2009 18:39
Contents include: temperatures rise as pay freezes at Qinetiq (p13); Connect executive says yes to Prospect (p3); sell-offs and savings set to squeeze public servants again (p3); privatisation back on agenda (p7); Prospect equal pay case suspended until autumn (p9); defence policy under fire (p16); short-termism threatens green UK electricity vision (p14).