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A safety rep for all seasons
24-Feb-2020 15:35

Is your PPE fit for purpose?
6-Dec-2019 09:21


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Briefing: Toolkit: How good is my employer’s stress risk assessment?
info 9-Apr-2019 13:49
This toolkit will help health and safety representatives to: assess their organisation’s performance in managing the causes of work-related stress; evaluate their employer’s stress risk assessment; and have a clear focus on implementing primary-level interventions to prevent or minimise the causes of work-related stress.

Members' guide: The menopause: a workplace issue
info 29-Nov-2018 11:19
This guide aims to: raise awareness; explain employers’ responsibilities and give reps guidance on good practice and levers that can be used to address the issues in their workplaces.

Agreement: Cold weather charter agreed by the Scottish Government and Scottish unions
info 16-Nov-2018 11:08
Scottish Government/STUC cold weather charter

Knowledge Document: Stress busting colouring in sheet and instructions
info 31-Oct-2018 15:16
Regardless of artistic talent, colouring in has many positive impacts. Research has shown that it encourages you to be sociable, trains your brain to focus and reduces stress.

Leaflet/booklet: Ten ways employers can address mental health at work
info 9-Oct-2018 14:40
This leaflet sets out ten ways employers can address mental health well-being at work

Leaflet/booklet: Ten ways employers can support workers going through the menopause
info 3-Oct-2018 13:14
Our leaflet sets out ten ways employers can support workers going through the menopause

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Northern Ireland Special - November 2017
info 30-Nov-2017 11:35
We have produced a special edition of LegalEye for our members in Northern Ireland

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 15 - October 2017
info 12-Oct-2017 09:22
LegalEye features recent legal cases for Prospect members, news on employment law and information on Prospect legal services. This edition includes a look ahead to UnionWeek 2017.