Prospect supports Energy & Utilities Skills strategy launch

Prospect supports Energy & Utilities Skills strategy launch

A five-year strategy to close a workforce gap of 277,000 has been launched by the Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership, a collaboration of 30 major organisations, including Prospect.

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The partnership (EUSP) works together to ensure that all relevant employers have a safe, skilled, diverse and sustainable workforce that is needed to deliver essential services to the public, and to meet the requirements of the future.

EUSP acknowledges the difficulties of the current moment. The impact of COVID-19, net zero carbon targets, Brexit and increased competition for skills with other high-profile sectors makes meeting the skills gap both urgent and challenging.

In addition, an aging workforce means that 27% of the workforce is expected to retire over next decade, and will leave the sector needing to recruit or retrain 48% of the current workforce. This represents 277,000 vacancies over the next 10 years.

Over the next five years EUSP has committed to addressing three key strategies:

  • Sector attractiveness, recruitment and workforce diversity.
  • Maximising investment in skills.
  • Targeted action – to address anticipated skills gaps and shortages.

Nick Ellins, chief executive of Energy & Utility Skills said:

“By working together through this voluntary alliance, the Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership have led the way and they now call on the whole industry to help in tackling the issues set out, and to work with central and devolved governments, regulators and key interest groups to continue building these initiatives and meet the skills challenge.”

Sue Ferns, Prospect senior deputy general secretary, added:

“The UK needs to urgently a develop a comprehensive plan for a net zero workforce. The energy sector has a key role to play, both by looking at ways to more effectively retain existing talent and through improving equality and diversity.

“It is therefore to be welcomed that the industry is working together to address these challenges. As the strategy makes clear, all stakeholders – including unions – must ensure that we take this opportunity to improve workforce resilience.”

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