Unions must work with others to stop No Deal

Unions must work with others to stop No Deal

Prospect calls for unions to work with others to oppose the disaster of No Deal

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At the Trades Union Congress in Brighton, Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy said:

“The government's mishandling of the Brexit negotiations has been driven by ideology and political brinkmanship rather than evidence and dialogue.

"The result is a choice between a Deal nobody wants, a No Deal that would permanently damage our economy or a referendum with Remain on the ballot paper.

"The time for equivocation and hesitancy is over and we all need to wake up to the real choices we face.

"Faced with a government that will stop at nothing to drive through No Deal, irrespective of the cost to working people, the whole trade union movement needs to unite to work with everyone committed to the defence of jobs and democracy in order to avert the disaster of No Deal.”