Scottish Government approves Historic Environment Scotland’s pay offer

Scottish Government approves Historic Environment Scotland’s pay offer

Reps in Historic Environment Scotland are recommending that members vote to accept their pay offer for 2019-2020.

The main elements of the offer are:

  • all salary scales above £25,000 and under £36,500 will be uplifted by 3%
  • salary scales above £36,500 will be uplifted by 2%
  • all Band A and Band B steps and the Band C minimum will be increased by £750
  • employees earning more than £36,500 and already on the maximum of their pay range (who no longer benefit from progression) will receive a non-consolidated payment of 1% of salary
  • the apprentice pay range will be harmonised: the Band A pay range minimum will be uplifted by £1,150; Step 1 by £1,307; Step 2 by £943 and the band maximum by £750
  • assistant works manager, dual site manager and home working allowances will be increased by 1%
  • all employees are covered by the Scottish Living Wage of £9 an hour.


Historic Environment Scotland also intends to pay progression (including the uplift to the band maximum for all staff who have attained the necessary service) to all staff on HES terms and conditions who are progressing through the pay band.

Staff who were in post before 1 October 2018, and whose performance has been assessed as suitable for a pay increase through the annual appraisal process, will receive the increase.

The organisation also reiterated its commitment to no compulsory redundancies.

It also said it would contact and try to help any members worried about a lump sum payment affecting their pension contribution payments.

The ballot will close on 30 September and, if accepted, will be paid in October pay packets.