Pay offer divides Scottish prison staff

Pay offer divides Scottish prison staff

Morale among senior, professional and expert staff in the Scottish Prison Service has been hit by a divisive and unfair pay offer, Prospect has warned.

The union will be writing to SPS to outline the strength of members’ feelings and how the pay offer, recruitment and retention allowances and job evaluation are contributing to a growing feeling of a two-tier workforce in the Scottish Prison Service.

In a Prospect ballot on the SPS pay offer for 2019-2022, almost 70% voted against it. However, members in the Prison Officers Association (Scotland) voted to accept it.

Prospect negotiator Jane Rose acknowledged that the offer does deliver significant improvements for some members and this was reflected in the voting and the turnout.

Rose said: “The SPS offer underlines the detrimental impact of the Scottish Government’s pay policy on many of our members.

“We want to work with other civil service unions to achieve a change of direction in how pay policy is structured in future years to ensure that all public sector staff are treated equitably and earnings for all are restored and protected.”