Members accept two-year deal at Rail for London Infrastructure

Members accept two-year deal at Rail for London Infrastructure

Prospect members at Rail for London Infrastructure have voted to accept a two-year pay deal for 2019 and 2020.

  • 26 Nov 2019
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The offer is:

  • a pay pot worth 2.3% for increases to basic pay paid in accordance with performance from 1 April 2019
  • an increase to basic pay based on the Retail Prices Index for February 2020 plus 0.1%, from 1 April 2020
  • a performance award based on performance ratings; this budget is not negotiated with the unions and is set at TfL’s discretion.

Prospect’s claim was for an increase to basic pay of RPI + 2% and a 5% increase to the top of all pay zones within pay bands.

This was to bring pay rates into line with those elsewhere in the rail industry.

During negotiations, RfLi set out its financial challenges:

  • a £0.6bn funding gap because of the delay to Crossrail
  • an operating deficit of £0.9bn for 2019/20 because of the loss of the annual government grant to Transport for London.

The organisation said it could not afford an above-RPI pay increase for 2019, but could offer a two-year deal with an above-RPI offer for 2020.

Prospect wanted the basic pay increase for 2019 to be 2.3% across the board – regardless of performance marking.

RfLi insisted it had to use a pay distribution matrix because it had to follow TfL’s Pay for Performance (PfP) mechanism.

The union disagreed with RfLi’s claim that its rates of pay were in line with the market and pointed to higher rates of pay for similar roles elsewhere in the rail industry.

The union also highlighted recruitment and retention issues and said these would get worse if the pay rates were not increased.

Prospect negotiator Nick Radiven said: “We are mindful of the limits on what RfLi has been able to afford. However, the delays to Crossrail are not the fault of our members who have been working hard to get the Elizabeth Line ready to become operational.

“We will be pressing for the 2020 pay increase to be paid across the board rather than performance related. We will also be looking to review how performance awards are paid.

“We will also be pressing for pay bands and pay zones to be increased in 2020. We have provided data which shows they are not in line with pay for similar roles elsewhere in the rail industry.”

Prospect recommended the offer as the best available through negotiation. But this was on the basis that how increases to basic pay in 2020 will be applied still has to be discussed and agreed.