Met Police offers 2% consolidated increase

Met Police offers 2% consolidated increase

Prospect members in the Metropolitan Police Service have voted to accept their pay offer for 2019.

  • 19 Nov 2019
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The offer is:

  • a 2% consolidated increase to base pay for all Met staff
  • a £534 increase for all MPS staff who work in an outer London location
  • a one-off, non-consolidated payment of £150 to all MPS staff at the top of their pay band on 1 August 2019.

Location allowance

Over the past two years, the four unions have been campaigning for the location allowance to be harmonised into one rate.

This is because under their contracts, staff can be deployed anywhere within the MPS, which can mean significant travel costs.

This is compounded by the fact that around 300 buildings have been sold, many of them in central London. So more staff are based in outer London.

Harmonising the location allowance provides a more suitable contribution towards travel costs for the many, rather than the few.

Although the unions were not able to negotiate increases to allowances, they did secure a commitment that shift disturbance, on-call and other allowances would be reviewed and subject to further negotiations.

Non-consolidated payment

During negotiations, the unions managed to push the pay envelope beyond 2.5% – part of this is a non-consolidated payment to staff at the top of their pay bands.

This provides more money for these staff and means there are no on-going costs for the MPS.

The deal will be backdated to 1 August 2019.

Former Forensic Science Service staff

The 2% consolidated increase to base pay will also be paid to staff who were transferred from the Forensic Science Service under the Transfer of Undertakings regulations (TUPE) and who earn less or the same basic pay as their MPS equivalents.

The one-off, non-consolidated £150 payment will also be made to all former FSS staff and those who are above the MPS equivalent pay scales.

The unions are still discussing pay for former FSS staff who transferred to the Met when the FSS was abolished in 2012.