HIAL negotiations limited by ministers' instructions

Ministers need to give HIAL officials clearance to enter into full negotiations with air traffic controllers

Prospect and HIAL have met three times since Prospect members overwhelmingly voted to take industrial action. The negotiations have not resolved the dispute. Both sides have agreed to seek support from the conciliation service, ACAS to attempt resolution.

David Avery, Prospect negotiations officer, said: “Scottish Government ministers have asked Prospect to engage with HIAL to resolve the dispute and we have done so.

"However those same ministers have given HIAL instructions which limit their negotiating position to such an extent that there is currently no scope for agreement. Ministers need to give their officials clearance to enter into full and unfettered negotiations.

“We have discussed a recruitment and retention allowance. It is not our members preferred option and we do not believe it addresses the underlying problems.

“Members’ demands are reasonable and they need to be addressed. Members are not, as has been alleged by the company, seeking pay parity with Heathrow or Gatwick, but rather with other smaller airports.

"They have had a decade of below inflation pay rises while the rest of the industry, in response to a global shortage of controllers, has moved ahead. The company already struggles to recruit controllers and this is having an impact on services at some airports.

“We urge Ministers to free their officials’ hands and give them scope to come to us with a proposal to resolve the dispute and avert the strike action."

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