Roadmap and commitment target to get more women in nuclear

Roadmap and commitment target to get more women in nuclear

A nuclear sector gender roadmap and an employer gender commitment target was jointly launched at the Nuclear Industry Association Conference on Thursday, 5 December.

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The gender roadmap to create a more diverse and inclusive nuclear sector sets out an action plan across five themes: attraction, retention, indicators, industry guidance and enablers.

The commitment pledge calls for employers and companies to voice their support for a 40 per cent female workforce by 2030.

The two initiatives were launched by the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group and Women in Nuclear

Dr Fiona Rayment, chair of the NSSG, said:

“This new gender roadmap represents an important programme of activity between now and 2030. It summarises a series of achievable interventions which we believe will enable the 40 per cent female workforce target set out in our Sector Deal.

“Gender is just one element of our diversity and we will not stop until our workforce genuinely reflects the diversity of the UK population.”

The roadmap is available to download (PDF) from the NSSG website.

Prospect senior deputy general secretary Sue Ferns, who spoke at the NIA conference in London, said:

“We are pleased to support the Roadmap – not as a statement of good intent – but as the basis for an accelerated programme of action. Sustained and tangible progress with require leadership at all organisational levels. 

“It is unions, like Prospect, not ‘here today,  gone tomorrow’ consultants, that care about making a difference, and we have significant expertise and experience to contribute.”