Campaign for Scottish shipbuilding continues

Prospect keeps up political pressure in support of Rosyth workers

"The skills and expertise of the shipbuilding industry's workforce in Scotland makes a substantial contribution to the economy of Scotland", says Jamie Hepburn, Scottish Government Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills 

Rosyth at sunset with naval vessel moored

Hepburn said that the UK government "needs to provide certainty for the dedicated workforce at our shipyards in Scotland" in his response to a joint letter from Prospect and the GMB.

Prospect welcomed the letter and its broadly supportive stance for the Class 31e Frigates and Fleet Solid Support Ship contracts to be let to British yards (including those in Scotland) as soon as possible.

"We recognise that defence and defence procurement are reserved matters," said Prospect's national secretary for Scotland and Ireland Richard Hardy, "but it is important that we build as broad a coalition of those with influence and power so that we can continue our campaign for defence jobs across the UK, and particularly at Rosyth."

"Mr Hepburn has offered to meet us and the GMB. We welcome his approach and support on this vital matter of jobs and skills retention," concluded Hardy.