Government ignores Senior Salaries Review Body recommendations

Government ignores Senior Salaries Review Body recommendations

Prospect has condemned the government’s refusal to accept the Senior Salaries Review Body’s recommendations for senior civil servants’ pay


Garry Graham, Prospect’s deputy general secretary said the government’s proposals would do little to ensure that the Senior Civil Service (SCS) is able to recruit, retain, develop and motivate the highly-skilled staff it needs.

“The Review Body, and those covered by it, should be rightly angry that the government has refused to adopt the full recommendations made. Yet again the civil service is the poor relation compared to other parts of the public sector.

“‘Coherence’ is now a code word for treating both the SCS and delegated grades more harshly than other parts of the public sector.

“Vague commitments about ‘direction of travel’ and ‘vision’ will feel like Groundhog Day to many. It is remarkable that the government has been silent on addressing issues of gender inequality within the pay system.

“We see no practical proposals to address how staff move through their pay ranges and how to address gender inequality.

“Even opportunities which would have been quick wins, cost little and been hugely popular –  such as abandoning the toxic and discredited performance management system – have been missed. All the government has offered is vague assurances about a review and that this is a priority,” Graham concluded.