Ballot starts for Scottish Government members

Prospect has begun the process of balloting members in the Scottish Government on a pay offer worth a minimum of 3%

Members in the Scottish Government Branch will shortly receive an electronic ballot so they can cast their vote on the latest Scottish Government pay offer. The offer is worth a minimum of 3% following the announcements in 2017 that the Scottish Government would lift the "pay cap" it had operated since 2010.

Piggy bank for 2018

The offer contains a number of headline elements, including pay progression for all staff in post on November 30th 2017, an increase on all pay spines below £36,500 of 3%, an increase in the maxes of grades above £36,500 of 3% with all the lower pay points receiving a smaller increase of around 0.25%, a minimum consolidated increase for staff earning less than £25,000 of £750, and scale shortening for members in the C1 and C2 pay grades. Staff on the maximum of all grades will also receive a non-consolidated lump sum payment equal to 1% of their salary.

"We were constrained by the public sector pay policy cap of a 2% pay bill increase for staff earning over £36,500" explained Prospect's National Secretary for Scotland "but by concentrating that money on the maxes we have been able to negotiate a pay offer which will mean that when you include progression and non-consolidated payments the vast majority of staff will receive a pay rise which is above the current rate of inflation (3.3% as of April 18th 2018)."

"we appreciate that for members not on the scale max the increases are slightly less than they might have been if we had simply added 2% to all the pay points, but we hope that members appreciate that they are progressing toward a higher salary, whilst still protecting their salaries against inflation" Hardy continued

"We've been able to achieve this offer through engagement with the First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Constitution, who have both recognised the key role that Prospect and our trade union colleagues have played in shaping the changes to public sector pay in Scotland" said Hardy "we appreciate the dialogue we have been able to have with the Scottish Government, and the steps it has taken to end austerity pay, but the real key to the offer is the strength of our membership, and the backing they have given the negotiators to engage with and influence the Government, this offer is a tribute to their strength"

In combination with the pay award negotiated in autumn last year the offer means that in the year April 2017 to April 2018 members will have seen their consolidated salaries grow by at least 4%

Prospect is recommending that members accept the offer and has written to members outlining the offer in slightly more detail, an electronic ballot paper will be sent to members on Friday 4th of May and the ballot will run until May 17th, if the offer is accepted it is hoped that payment will be made in June pay packets