Women in football – what Prospect can do for you

Women in football – what Prospect can do for you

Prospect is continuing its work with Women in Football as we seek to break down the barriers that women face in the workplace and to champion equality. 

graphic of football pitch

Prospect’s understanding of the experiences of women in other traditionally male-dominated professions combined with our knowledge of the sports sector makes us uniquely placed to provide support and assistance to members working in this industry. 

The legal and representational needs of women in football vary enormously, just as with Prospect’s membership where we are used to dealing with a multitude of different employment patterns and issues.  

Women in Football members who join Prospect will have access to our full range of benefits, including representation at work and a package of legal services.

We have produced a short newsletter setting out some of the benefits of Prospect membership for Women in Football members and we hope that our partnership will lead to more equality of opportunity for women in the workplace.