Tesco Mobile Pay 2018 Ballot Result

Tesco Mobile Pay 2018 Ballot Result

The Prospect ballot 2018 Pay Award in Capita Tesco Mobile

Dear Colleague

The Prospect ballot for the 2018 Pay Award in Capita Tesco Mobile has now closed. The result is as follows:

Those voting in favour of the offer           73%

Those voting against the offer                  27%

Members will recall that the union could not make a positive recommendation on the offer of a 1.5% across the board increase, but did believe this was the best that could be achieved by negotiation. We have now informed Tesco Mobile of the result and made it clear that whilst members may have reluctantly accepted this offer, the approach of the company to this year’s pay award has damaged morale. Prospect have also made it clear to the company that the union are committed to working in partnership to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes during future negotiations and we expect this commitment to be reciprocated by Tesco Mobile.

 Finally, thank you to all those members who took part in the ballot