BT Reward Framework pay ballot result

BT Reward Framework pay ballot results

BT members have given Prospect an overwhelming mandate to ask the company to reopen negotiations

National secretary Philippa Childs thanked everyone who who voted in the consultative ballot on the pay freeze for Prospect members who are on the Reward Framework (or linked to it).

98% of members who responded voted to reject BT's position, with only 2% satisfied with the outcome.

"With such a decisive vote, we hope that BT will agree to return to the negotiating table. Prospect will be writing to the company today requesting a further meeting.

"Our intention is also to lobby BT's AGM on 12 July to highlight the divisive nature of the pay freeze for managers and professionals.

"Rest assured that we will explore all avenues to bring this to a satisfactory conclusion. However if we are unable to make significant progress we will have no alternative but to consult with you further about next steps in the campaign.

"Many thanks for your continued support and a warm welcome to the hundreds of new members who have joined us over the last few weeks," Childs concluded.