BT Equal Pay Review Calculator

BT Equal Pay Review Calculator

After some delay BT have discussed and agreed with Prospect the arrangements for 2017 equal pay review that formed part of the previous Reward Framework three year pay settlement.

The aim of the review is to focus salary increases on people who are low in range to help reduce the equal pay gap in BT. Increases will be paid to people paid below different cut off points confirmed as eligible in the validation process.

The delay in payment this year has resulted in changes to the way these increases will be paid in 2017. The effective date for uplift to salary will be 1 July 2017. Individuals who qualify will receive a non-consolidated one off payment to cover the period 1 January to 30 June 2017. Increases will be paid in July.

Equal Pay cut off points

The salary cut off points are as follows:

- 90% of the mid-point of the salary range for roles in Benefit Band 1

- 85% of the mid-point of the salary range for roles in Benefit Band 2 and

- 77.5% of the mid-point of the salary range for roles in Benefit Band 3 where the ranges are 70-130, 85% where the range is 80-120

To be sure that you have accurate information you can find a link to BTs information about equal pay and whether or not you are eligible here. The eligibility checker spreadsheet is under ‘Help & Guidance’ at the top right of the intranet page.

Some members have asked why BT are using the end of year rating rather than the mid-year point as previously and that’s simply that because of the delay in payment the final rating was available and in their view the most appropriate to use.

It’s also important to clarify that increases at the levels agreed will only be paid up to the relevant reference points highlighted in our original circular and below to avoid any issues of leap frogging, this is consistent with how equal pay has been applied in previous years.