Big challenges remain for Brexit negotiations

Big challenges remain for Brexit negotiations

Prospect will continue to campaign for a good deal for our members on Brexit, as negotiations move to the next stage. Despite some recognition of the issues affecting Prospect members in the latest UK-EU report on Brexit negotiations, significant challenges still remain.

EU referendum

Alongside agreement that there will not be a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the latest negotiation report also contained further details of the impact of Brexit on EU nationals working in the UK.

Rights of EU nationals in the UK

EU nationals working in the UK play a vital role across science, engineering and research in many of the industries we represent, and are an important part of Prospect’s membership.

We are now examining the report in more detail.

The report does at last provide more certainty around the operative date for the introduction of new arrangements on citizen’s rights and it helpfully extends to five years the permitted period of absence without affecting residence rights.

The report also clarifies that the cut off date for gaining rights to stay will be the date of exit from the EU and will not be retrospective.

Prospect’s priorities on Brexit

Negotiations will now move on to future trading arrangements and the UK’s relationship with the EU post-Brexit.

Prospect is continuing to press for a good deal for our members, including:

  • Ensuring a good deal that protects workers’ rights, jobs and investment.
  • Protection for UK science and research, recognising the importance of collaboration for research, and ensuring we welcome the best talents into the UK.
  • Addressing the role of EU nationals working in the British civil services.
  • More positive language and leadership from the government on the benefits of a mobile and international research workforce to UK PLC.
  • A practical solution on Euratom, and other European bodies we participate in, to protect jobs and investment.
  • Involvement of unions, and the voice of our members, in shaping the evidence for future negotiations.

We will provide further updates for members as information becomes available.

In the meantime, members can access our latest FAQs for EU nationals working in the UK here, or stay up to date with our Brexit campaign website here (opens in new window).

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