EDF board urged to take final decision on Hinkley Point C

EDF board urged to take final decision on Hinkley Point C

Prospect, the largest union for professionals, managers and specialists in EDF and the wider UK energy sector, is calling for a Final Investment Decision to be taken on the building of Hinkley Point C when EDF’s board meets tomorrow.

“For the past few years I have been saying that I am cautiously optimistic - but this has to be decision time,” said Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham.

“Energy margins for the UK continue to decline and we need to take the practical steps which ensure that we keep the lights on and transition to low carbon generation. Hinkley will provide 25,000 jobs over its period of construction and will provide 7% of the UK’s low carbon reliable base load generation for decades to come.

“A positive FID will be a shot in the arm for the UK nuclear and construction supply chain and send a clear message that the UK is open for business.”

Graham added: “I find it odd that some in the media have been very keen to quote French trade union officials on the issue of Hinkley while not extending the same courtesy to representatives of the UK workforce. Let’s be clear, a FID on Hinkley will be good for jobs, good for consumers, good for the environment and good for the economy.”

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