Prospect guidance to help employers attract more women to STEM roles

Prospect guidance to help employers attract more women to STEM roles

Taking practical steps to recruit and retain more women in STEM roles could help employers address skills shortages in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Prospect and professional body the IET have argued in new joint guidance.

The document gives employers examples of best practice and suggestions for measures they can take to attract more female candidates and ensure women are being represented and supported in their professional development.

This includes advice on how to ensure promotions are fairer among workforces of different genders and how to implement effective return-to-work programmes for women coming back from maternity leave.

Sue Ferns, Prospect deputy general secretary, said: “With around 20,000 members working in STEM, we are acutely aware of both the skills challenge these roles face and their vital contribution to building a more sustainable economy.

“Prospect has been working hard to encourage greater recruitment and retention of women which we believe is key to tackling the emerging skills crisis. The practical guidance published today builds on this and incorporates our pioneering work with employers in tackling unconscious bias.”

Prospect and the IET highlight the fact that more than half of businesses in the UK do not have gender diversity initiatives in place, while only 9% of engineers are women.

Prospect vice-president, Denise McGuire, added: “Here at Prospect we are huge advocates of promoting equality and fairness in the workplace which is why we were delighted to work closely with the IET on guidance to help women progress in STEM roles. I'm sure the guidelines will be an invaluable tool for any employer, especially those in STEM, who are looking to become more female friendly in the way they recruit and retain staff.”

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