Reconstituted Scotland Committee Holds First Meeting

Reconstituted Scotland Committee Holds First Meeting

The first meeting of the reformed Prospect Scotland Committee took place in Edinburgh on August 27.

The new group consists of representatives from the Defence, Energy, Heritage, Communications, Retired Members and Civil Service sectors as well as full-time Prospect officials including Garry Graham, Deputy General Secretary and Alan Denney, Scotland National Secretary. Further members will be co-opted to the committee as and when required.

Terms of reference for the new committee were agreed and a draft work plan for the coming months, ahead of the 2016 Holyrood elections, was discussed and will be agreed at the next meeting.

 The committee seeks to:

  • Build on the good work that was previously undertaken prior to the Independence Referendum.
  • Consider those issues that have been, or are being devolved to Scotland as a result of devolution, the Scotland Act, the Smith Commission and any other future legislation.
  • Be cognisant of and abide by Prospect national policies.
  • Engage with the Scottish Government and other relevant bodies, exerting influence on behalf of members, whilst maintaining Prospect’s political neutrality at every turn.
  • Utilise the expertise of members living and working in Scotland to inform its work.

Prospect National Secretary, Alan Denney said “Prospect has a proven track record of putting forward expert opinions to external bodies and this new Committee intends to build on that tradition. Attendance at Scotland Committee meetings of Prospect experts is pivotal to its success and we aim to have a committee that reflects our diverse membership base.”