Prospect official to lead Fair Work taskforce in Scotland

Prospect official to lead independent Fair Work taskforce in Scotland

Anne Douglas, Prospect national secretary and a former STUC president, is to co-chair a new independent group tasked with promoting a fairer workplace, the Scottish government has announced.

Along with fellow appointee, businesswoman Linda Urquhart, Douglas will lead the six-member Fair Work Convention in developing a fair employment and workplace framework for Scotland by March 2016.

The framework will provide the basis for informing the Scottish government on a wide range of workplace issues including: improving productivity and innovation, giving employees a greater voice, lifelong learning, gender equality, the Living Wage and enhanced discussion between unions, employers, public bodies and government departments.

“I am proud to be part of the Fair Work Convention,” said Douglas. “The convention gives business the potential to thrive through its workplaces, becoming more inclusive, productive and innovative by allowing employees to become more motivated and involved.”

The convention was hailed by Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon in a speech to the STUC on Tuesday in which she pledged to strengthen relationships with trade unions.

The aims of the convention bear strong similarities to Prospect’s own Good Work campaign which seeks to create more jobs which are both secure and fulfilling through a range of measures promoting greater democracy in the workplace, more flexible working and a better system of rewards.

Announcing the appointments Roseanna Cunningham, Scotland’s minister for fair work, skills and training described Douglas and Urquhart as women who had “excelled in their respective fields.”

She added: “People must feel valued, rewarded, engaged in their work and be allowed to feel they have a stake in the success of their workplace, their community and their country.”

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