24 February - Work Your Proper Hours day

24 February - Work Your Proper Hours day

Prospect members working from home are reminded that 24 February - this coming Friday - is 'Work Your Proper Hours' day.

'Work Your Proper Hours' day - the day when, according to the calculations of the TUC, if you work all your unpaid overtime hours at the start of the year, you would start working and earning for yourself instead - is this coming Friday.

So, this Friday, make sure that you:

(i) take a proper lunch break, and

(ii) go home on time.

Go on - celebrate: you've worked very hard for it!

If you are looking to control your working time in the interests of establishing a better long-term work-life balance for yourself (and just how long ago was 1 January?), Prospect has a wealth of materials on our Work Time Your Time campaign pages. Why not spend some time this Friday in popping over and having a good read through the ideas and tools we have made available to you?