A voice for Scotland

Arrangements for Scottish referendum debate

The Prospect national executive has considered considered the resolutions from national conference that committed the union to inform members in the debate, particularly from an industrial point of view, on Scotland’s Future. The resolutions also confirmed that Prospect should remain absolutely neutral on how members should consider voting.

Firstly it was recognised that many questions about the referendum remain unanswered at this time but equally recognised that despite this the debate has clearly begun. It was agreed that Prospect should not seek to replicate work already being done in terms of the future of Scotland from either an economic or social perspective, but rather use our links with the Scottish Trades Union Congress to allow Prospect to engage in that debate.

The STUC has agreed to begin an online consultation process to allow individuals and organisations to submit views on Scotland’s constitutional future with a view to achieving the social justice outcomes with which the STUC and other partners in broader civic Scotland are associated. A new website “A Just Scotland” has been set up and has now gone live. It can be found at the following link: www.ajustscotland.org

Additionally the STUC has organised five events to discuss a number of themes and policy papers, which are available on the website above.

The themes are:

  • Tax justice and sustainable growth
  • Decent welfare and public services for all
  • International relations and peace
  • Better environment
  • Stronger communities
  • Equality and human rights
  • Education, participation and citizenship


The events are all held on Saturdays in September and details are given below:

Glasgow, City Chambers                       1 September     http://glasgow-stuc.eventbrite.co.uk

Dumfries, DG1                                       8 September     http://dumfries-stuc.eventbrite.co.uk

Inverness, Town House                        15 September    http://inverness-stuc.eventbrite.co.uk

Edinburgh, St Augustine’s Church         22 September    http://edinburgh-stuc.eventbrite.co.uk

Dundee, Hilton Hotel                             29 September    http://dundee-stuc.eventbrite.co.uk

Any member interested in attending should register online at the websites listed above. Please note that places are limited and will be snapped up soon so if you are interested then don’t delay!

Alternatively if you have views on any of the discussion papers then you can either submit them directly through the website (www.ajustscotland.org) or forward them to the Prospect Edinburgh office (scotland@prospect.org.uk) for collation and submission to the STUC.

Further papers and events will be listed on the STUC’s website and Prospect will continue to update you with significant news. Prospecte will set up a Scotland eNetwork shortly that will enable you to receive information, and input into discussion boards.

On industrial issues, the NEC agreed that Prospect should set up a Scotland Committee – to be chaired by Craig Marshall, deputy vice president and to have membership drawn from nominations received through Branches of members living and working in Scotland in each of the following broad sectors:

  • Aviation
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Government
  • Health and Safety
  • Heritage
  • Science and Telecoms.


One seat is available for each sector. Anne Douglas will act as secretary to the committee, on which the NEC also appointed Satnam Ner. Assistance will be provided by Research and Specialist Services. The senior management team will also be involved periodically.

Branch secretaries will shortly be receiving detailed information of how to nominate to this committee.

It was also agreed that each of the sectors would themselves populate working groups from their specialist area, from amongst experts nominated by branches.  These working groups would produce expert papers detailing the potential impact on their areas of a “yes, no, or perhaps” Referendum outcome.  These will become available on both the eNetwork and the website for members’ interest and comment.

Prospect has over 12,500 members living or working in Scotland so we do have a voice. We want to help members make an informed choice so please do get involved.

We’d also like the 12,500 number to increase so don’t forget – if you know someone who is not a member of Prospect then ask them to join.

Unions are about strength in numbers as well as expert services for members. The more members Prospect has, the better we can represent and support you.

Not everyone knows about Prospect. You can help your colleagues and yourself, by talking to them about Prospect and showing them how to join. Just send them a link to the website so they can join online at www.prospect.org.uk/join or print out an application form. It couldn’t be easier! You can also call the Prospect office on 0131 558 2660 to have membership forms posted to you.