Union welcomes Central Networks sale

Union welcomes Central Networks sale

On behalf of 800 engineers and professional staff at Central Networks, the electricity distribution company for the Midlands, Prospect has broadly welcomed the news that E.On have agreed a £5bn sale with the US-owned PPL Corporation – currently owners of the south-west based electricity distribution company Western Power.

Commenting on the sale, Prospect Negotiations Officer Richard Hardy said: “That PPL is already a player in the UK electricity market is an important issue. We were worried that Central Networks could have been bought by a venture capital consortium with little or no interest in long-term investment, safety or security of supply.

“Western Power have shown that they have a commitment to these issues, as well as a willingness to work positively with unions.”

However, Hardy added: “It is important that the new owners recognise the professionalism our members bring to their roles and how that, in turn, is vital to delivering the investment required to bring about network renewal. Electricity distribution is not a business that can be delivered on the cheap.”

The union is keen to begin discussions with PPL over the future business and any impact on jobs as soon as possible.