HP Members Update

HP Members Update July 2011

This briefing is to provide information to HP members on End User Service Outsourcing and 2011 Pay Review.

2011 Pay Review
After a series of meetings with HP we have received the company's final offer.

Unusually the offer is for a settlement covering two years, 2011 and 2012, with a 2% increase to all salaries and pay related allowances in each of the two years. In other words 2% would be paid now, backdated to 1 February 2011, with a further 2% payable in February 2012.

Please click on the link opposite to view the company's offer letter.

Although your negotiating team would obviously have liked to see larger numbers, the final offer represents significant progress from the start of negotiations. After two years with no increases at all, the proposal offers a return to proper pay reviews and offers certainty about the future of a type we have not known previously. The offer also compares favourably with the general pay settlement around HP, where increases remain discretionary and are by no means universal.

Your negotiating team strongly recommends the offer to you.

An online e-ballot will run from 11am on Monday 11 July until 11am on Monday 18 July. You will receive a separate email with your logon details and link to the ballot. To ensure you receive a ballot please take a moment to make sure that we have an up to date email address by visiting the Connect Sector website.

There will be a conference call for members to discuss the offer at 11am on Friday 8 July. To register for this call please respond to this email quoting HP pay review call.

End User Service Outsourcing
An initial meeting on this proposal with HP and BT will take place on 13 July. We will hold a conference call for affected members to give an update at 3pm on Thursday 14 July. To register for this call please respond to this email quoting End User Service Outsourcing call.