All change in Telefonica UK

All change in Telefonica UK

Members are telling us they can't remember such an intense period of change since the formation of O2.

Your union has never been busier. We have been deeply embroiled in pension negotiations followed by pay negotiations running in tandem with various rationalisations within the business. We are now commencing the long awaited joint review of MPG and associated grades pay structure and arrangements and have met with the company to position the view of our members. We are at the early stages of the joint review and will keep members posted on its progress over the coming weeks

We are grateful for the engagement of members in all these issues and hope you feel we have supported you as well as possible through these difficult times.

We are proud to have been able to work with the company to preserve the final salary pension scheme and complete the reorganisation knowing there have been no compulsory redundancies. Whilst we share many members' frustration about the pay award we are engaged with the company trying to resolve the many pay concerns you have flagged up.

Prospect supports change with security

However things are not getting quieter. Following discussions with our global union partners such as UNI (union network international) we are aware that Telefonica is driving a globalisation and Europeanisation project which is currently focused on IT areas but will extend more widely and deeply into Telefonica UK. The current considerations are looking at both outsourcing and offshoring many jobs. Prospect is responding by proposing an arrangement where our members' co-operation will be assured so long as their jobs and Ts and Cs are secured.

Until now rationalisations have been managed without the need for Compulsory Redundancy but the scale and nature of many of Telefonica's new proposals will lead to larger scale job loss unless there is greater forward planning designed to ensure job security. We believe such an agreement is critical to many members' security and will benefit the company in having a fully engaged workforce throughout the difficult period ahead.

We expect the changes will extend well beyond IT. Whilst we eagerly await Feilim Mackie's arrival as Director of Sales and Service and Adrian Jose Di Meo as CTO, we are aware they will be appointed with a mandate for change. We are also aware that Telefonica is funding some of its difficulties around the globe from the UK's profits.

This is the time when corporations can lose direction. We will constantly be reminding Telefonica and Telefonica UK that it must not lose sight of its customers and employees if it wishes to continue its success in an exciting market.

Encourage your colleagues to join the union

We would encourage you to ask your colleagues who are not members to join us so that we can all benefit from working together to secure a prosperous future for employees and a great company.

Prospect is currently running an incentive scheme that will enable all those who wish to join the union to do so on half subscriptions until November this year.

Please share this briefing with your colleagues who are not members and ask them to join Prospect