Worktime Yourtime in BT Retail

Worktime Yourtime in BT Retail

Getting the right balance between your time at work and the rest of your life is important but increasingly difficult, mainly because of the seemingly ever-increasing demands placed on people at work.

BT recognises the importance of getting the balance right and that it is in no-one's interests for people to become ill through over-work. This is why ALL managers and professionals in the Reward Framework are covered by the TOIL (Time Off In Lieu) Agreement. It is thus disappointing to hear that in some parts of Retail members are being told that the TOIL Agreement does not apply in the LoB.

For the avoidance of any doubt IT DOES; it is part of your contract of employment. The agreement is as follows:

Based upon a standard 36 hour working week and in line with BT's commitment to work-life balance,where additional time is worked,individuals can take time off in lieu to cover the extra time worked.Individuals and their line managers should agree on when the time off is taken and, if necessary,it can be added to the individual's holiday entitlement.

This is about common sense.It's not about clock watching or detailed recording of time. Just keep a note of any extra hours.When the job requires extra work to be done,we expect people to achieve a balance by taking some time off at a more operationally convenient time and to do so in consultation with their line manager.

If you encounter any problems trying to take your TOIL or have any queries about the agreement or it's practical applications, please contact a member of your Retail IRC.

Finally, remember that the more members we have the stonger our voice, so if you know a non member encourage them to join!