KCOM Update

KCOM Update

Prospect recently met with KCOM to discuss a variety of issues of interest to members.

This was part of our established and regular dialog with the company. Following the conclusion of the pension harmonisation programme there is now an opportunity to progress other items.

The major item we discussed was pay. Whilst the formula agreed between the recognised trade unions (Prospect and the GMB) with the company provided a positive outturn this year there are other items of concern. The unions and KCOM agreed to hold a series of further meetings to examine in more detail employees positions against pay bands, progression and the required equality aspects.

The company informed us about changes to the Kcom Management Board. Beyond this development the company reassured us that there are no other significant restructuring programmes on the horizon.

However, to be prepared for future developments Prospect did again seek to establish a process for voluntary redundancy to be used when employee reductions are required. To this point redundancy has always been compulsory but Prospect strongly believes that voluntary offers should be made in the first place to reduce some of the impact of the changes. The company were receptive to this position and discussions have begun on this item.

KCOM also advised us that they are looking to institute an Employee Advice Programme (EAP) at some point in the future. This would be to provide a confidential helpline for individual employees on a range of issues. Prospect believes that it is important the the company continues to ensure that Line Managers seen as the appropriate person for employees to approach should there be work related issues but we see the establishment of an EAP process as to be positive additional function.

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