Union to set record straight on defence civilians

Union to set record straight on defence civilians

Prospect is to set out the contribution and experiences of civilians on the frontline of operations at a seminar on 9 March at the union’s headquarters in London.

Armed forces minister Kevan Jones MP is the keynote speaker. Prospect member Dr Robin Hiley, a scientific advisor from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory will also speak about his work in Afghanistan during Operation Herrick in 2009.

Prospect deputy general secretary Mike Clancy said: “The seminar is an important opportunity to hear the authentic voice of civilian defence specialists in MOD and private industry who are posted to the front line - wherever they may be.

“The contribution of civilians in MOD and the private sector to the overall capability of the armed forces should not be overlooked. Members in DSTL, the Defence Support Group, the Met Office and other MOD areas – as well as charitable defence organisations such as Services Sound and Vision Corporation – risk their lives in defence of their country. In the case of civil servants, they certainly do not deserve the opprobrium heaped on them by their critics at home. The seminar is a chance for that attitude to be debunked.”

Prospect represents 16,000 specialists in the Ministry of Defence and the wider UK defence industry.