Airwave 2010 Pay Review

Airwave 2010 Pay Review

Prospect and Airwave have now concluded our discussions regarding the 2010 pay review.

Prospect and Airwave have reached agreement on an overall MPG Pay Bill increase of 2.5%, which will be distributed according to performance and position in range. This has been captured in a pay award matrix, which is published on the Prospect website and can be accessed by members by clicking on the link opposite. An additional 0.5% has also been factored into this agreement which specifically seeks to provide greater increases for those lower in range.

Both Airwave and Prospect were keen to conclude discussions in time for the March 1 review date to allow members to see any increases in their pay as early as possible.

We're pleased that the final matrix provides the vast majority of members with an increase of at least 2.5%, with the average increase expected to be around 3%.

Against the current economic background your Branch Committee consider this to be a respectable deal.

The matrix does provide higher increases for those lower in range, and with higher performance ratings, and in line with previous pay reviews those with appraisal marking of 1 or 2 are unlikely to receive any increase.

The MPG pay scales have also had the 2.5% increase applied to them as of 1 March.


The following allowances are also due to increase by 2.5% from 1 March 2010:

  • Shift Allowances
  • On Call Allowance

Future Pay Structure Discussions

It will not surprise members to know that Airwave remain committed to a reward strategy where pay decisions are informed by the external market rate for the role and comparator organisations, and therefore to move away from the current MPG salary ranges. We accept it is reasonable for Airwave to explore the relevance of the old BT pay system, and debate whether it meets the needs of the business and employees at this time.

We have therefore committed to further and detailed discussions on the pay system, and exploring external market data going forward. This is a large piece of work, but members should note that Airwave is likely to want to move in this direction over the next 12 months.

Linked to this are our ongoing discussions with Airwave to align all MPG roles to a new 'broad band' role structure by early April.

We will keep members apprised of these discussions.

In the mean time if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Prospect Help Desk on 020 8971 6060 or e-mail [email protected]