NATS staff angry at pay deal for outgoing chiefs

NATS staff angry at pay deal for outgoing chiefs

Prospect has described the remuneration packages of two of NATS’ most senior officers as "disgraceful and repugnant".

The comments follow the publication of NATS’ annual accounts for the year ending March 2010, which showed another year of healthy profits and the payment of dividends to shareholders.

The report also shows a year where delays were at an historic low and another impressive year in terms of safety.

Prospect Aviation Officer Garry Graham said: “Our members will be rightly proud yet again in terms of what they have achieved in relation to safety, service delivery and delays. But we believe all profits should be reinvested in staffing, technology and training.

"Simply stripping money out of the business, particularly at this stage of the economic cycle, makes no sense.”

However Graham reserved his harshest criticism for the remuneration packages of outgoing Chief Executives Paul Barron and Lawrence Hoskins who received nearly £2m and £1.2m respectively.

Describing these sums as "disgraceful and repugnant" Graham said: "In a year when our members have had to endure a pay freeze, and senior management have lectured staff on the need for restraint and to reduce costs, we see two departing Chief Executives choosing to ‘fill their boots’.

"This is another example of the red in tooth and claw impact of partial privatisation – where there is one rule for staff and another for senior executives. It is yet one more reason we believe the further sell-off of NATS should be opposed."

The mood among members in the face of such hypocrisy was, he added, one of extreme anger that will “certainly make for an interesting pay round".

Prospect represents over 3,000 air traffic controllers, engineers and specialists employed by the national air traffic provider NATS.