Accenture Pay Offer 2010

Accenture Pay Offer 2010

Negotiations have now concluded on the 2010 pay review for Grades D to E in Accenture HR Services, Accenture Learning and BSS Contact Centres.

As you might expect given the current economic climate there have been a number of challenges that have faced both parties as we sought to progress the arguments for a fair settlement this year. This was particularly the case following last years pay freeze. However both parties were committed to that negotiating process and to exploring all opportunities for reaching agreement.

As a result we are pleased to be able to say that negotiations have now concluded and Accenture has made a final offer that your Prospect Accenture IRC is recommending members vote to ACCEPT.

This briefing outlines the terms of the offer and the balloting arrangements being made to enable you to vote on it.

Accenture IO and AO for BPO
Unfortunately we have not yet reached a position where we are able to ballot on a pay offer for members in IO and AO for BPO. We are due to continue with negotiations later this month.

Accenture's Pay Offer
This year's pay offer covers members in Grades D and E in Accenture HR Services, Accenture Learning and BSS Contact Centres. We would recommend that all members read the company's relevant final offer letter in detail (link on the right of this page) before casting their vote in the ballot. Members will need their membership log-in details to access the offer letter. If you are unsure of your membership login please simply contact our helpdesk on 020 8971 6060.

Accenture HR Services Final Offer letter

Accenture Learning Final Offer letter

Accenture Business Support Services Final Offer letter

The key elements of the offers are:

• An increase to the total pay bill of 2.5% distributed via a performance related matrix.
• For career level E there will be a 2% movement in salary range.
• A salary increase for the majority of individuals of 2.5% or more dependant on their position in range and performance.

The company have confirmed that, assuming members vote to accept this proposal in the membership ballot, all payments will be made from the effective date of 1st September.

Your Accenture Prospect negotiating team have had a full discussion about the company's final offer and believe that this is the best offer that can be achieved through negotiation.

Your Accenture Prospect negotiating teams considers the offer is one we can recommend to members and so we are urging members to vote to ACCEPT the offer in the e-ballot.

Ballot arrangements
You will receive a separate e-mail from the union on Thursday 5 August with your ballot. Please remember to vote! If you recieve a ballot in error or you believe you should be entitled to one as you work in one of these areas please contact our Helpdesk.

The ballot will close at 12:00 noon on Monday 23 August and Prospect members and Accenture will be informed of the result later that day.