Prospect guide to good change management at work

Prospect guide to good change management at work

As the economic crisis creates upheaval and uncertainty in workplaces across the country, the union for 102,000 scientists, engineers and managers has published a guide to help its members and representatives navigate through organisational change.

The document contains practical advice on relevant legal and union tools that health and safety and other union representatives can use to increase employee engagement in any change process, and work towards an employment relationship based on efficiency, equity and voice.

Sarah Page, Prospect health and safety officer and author of the guide, said: “The changing world of work has intensified pressures on employers to maintain efficiency in an increasingly competitive, customer-driven market. This has driven constant organisational reshaping such as privatisation, restructuring, downsizing and outsourcing.

“These have had profound impacts on the workforce: pressures on work tempo and personal performance, the individualisation of the employment relationship, undercutting opportunities for union organising and the creation of new psychosocial risk associated with rising levels of stress-related ill-health.

“What many employers may not appreciate is that independent research shows change failure rates running at about 70%. Engaging employees not only ensures their expertise and knowledge of the business can be considered, but can help mitigate against poorly managed organisational change and the damage to well-being that it can cause.”

View the document online at or contact Paula Mitchell on 020 7902 6629 to request a hard copy.