Connect conference endorses Prospect merger

Connect conference endorses Prospect merger

Connect endorsed merger with Prospect at the union’s Biennial Conference in Blackpool, in a move that will create the largest union for professionals and managers in the UK. All Connect members will take the final decision on the merger in a ballot later in 2009.

Following a detailed debate, representatives voted strongly to accept the recommendation of Connect’s Executive Council, and the intention is that the merger will be completed by the end of 2009. Connect’s members in the telecommunications and ICT industries will join Prospect’s diverse membership, drawn from across a range of private and public sector occupations.

Connect General Secretary, Adrian Askew said: “I am delighted that conference has taken the positive decision for the future to merge with Prospect. Coming together with Prospect, our members will be part of a strong, diverse and successful union.”

Welcoming the decision on behalf of Prospect, General Secretary Paul Noon said: “This is a real step forward for both unions but also for trade unionism in the UK.

“Merger will bring us closer to realising our vision of a cross-sectoral, professional trade union with high standards of individual and collective representation. Our combined membership will make the new union an even greater force with regulators, employers and politicians.”