Union anger at Midlands jobs blow

Union anger at Midlands jobs blow

Prospect has expressed anger at the decision by German-owned energy giant E.ON to move nearly 200 highly skilled jobs from its UK headquarters in Coventry to Düsseldorf.

E.ON has earmarked 194 jobs from the UK Energy Trading business, currently based in Coventry, for transfer to its Düsseldorf headquarters over the next six to eight months. The jobs will not be replaced in the UK.

On behalf of 2,000 members in E.ON, Prospect Negotiations Officer Richard Hardy, said:

"The jobs in question are highly skilled and attract good salaries. While we are involved in constructive consultation with E.ON about protecting our members’ interests we are disappointed that these jobs are being lost to the UK, and to Coventry in particular.

"Because of the nature of the roles in question we believe that the loss to the economy is in the region of £6.5 million a year, at a time when Coventry is just recovering from the loss of jobs at Ryton.

"Although E.ON is recruiting staff in Coventry, the posts do not compare with the high skill and knowledge levels of the jobs going to Germany. The fact that E.ON is locating these jobs at its German HQ raises questions over the level of foreign ownership of the UK energy industry."