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Here are five good reasons to join Prospect if you work for the Ministry of Defence:

  1. Prospect negotiates pay and other terms and conditions on your behalf. If you're a specialist in MOD, from an engineer to a press officer, we're there to make sure that your skills and expertise are rewarded. If you're not a member, you don't get a say.

  2. We fight any attacks on your terms and conditions, and have recently taken legal action against MOD to challenge the terms of its early release scheme.

  3. Members can use our free 24-hour legal helpline if they need advice on non-employment matters.

  4. We provide specialist advice on work-related problems. Every year we handle hundreds of personal cases in MOD on issues ranging from appraisal appeals to disciplinary cases, right through to employment tribunals.

  5. Our personal injury scheme provides assistance to members and their families who are injured or become ill through the negligence of a third party.
You can join us online now.

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