Topic: Redundancy

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Submission: Prospect submission to HMT consultation on public sector exit payment cap June 2019
info 31-May-2019 11:50
Prospect submission to HMT consultation on public sector exit payment cap June 2019

Submission: Pregnancy and maternity discrimination
info 4-Apr-2019 17:17
Prospect response to business department consultation on extending redundancy protection for women and new parents

Leaflet/booklet: Prospect in BT – What your union can do for you
info 29-Jan-2019 12:16
Campaign flyer on what Prospect can do for it's BT members over the People Framework programme

National newsletter: Stage, Screen and Radio, Summer 2018
info 4-Jul-2018 16:57
Contents include: BT jobs threat; BBC terms and conditions: members back new deal; Eyes half shut: excessive hours campaign grows; Theatre workers' helpline; Convergence

Submission: Prospect response to 2017 consultation on CSCS reforms
info 7-Nov-2017 17:24
Prospect submission to 2017 Cabinet Office consultation on reform of Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

National newsletter: PublicEye, civil service compensation scheme special edition
info 5-Oct-2016 09:58
A special edition of PublicEye, for members in public service, covers proposed changes to the civil service compensation scheme

National newsletter: PublicEye, issue 1, April 2016
info 21-Apr-2016 09:23
Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. Contents include compensation scheme changes and performance management

Knowledge Document: Enterprise bill 2015-16, briefing for MPs ahead of second reading
info 28-Jan-2016 10:05
Briefing on the impact of Part 8 of the Enterprise bill which provides for regulations to restrict redundancy payments to public sector workers. This briefing was sent to all MPs ahead of the second reading on 2 February 2016