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Attachment: Pay bargaining priorities - getting a fair deal for members - RESPONSE REQUIRED by no later than 11 November 2019
Invite to PSS branch secretaries to attend the annual Pay seminar on 21 November 2019, in New Prospect House.

Circular: Standard: PSSEC update
info 16-Oct-2019 15:28
This circular provides an update as to the discussions at the most recent PSSEC on key matters.

Circular: Standard: Spending Round 2019
info 9-Sep-2019 13:53
A circular providing information on a briefing produced by Prospect on the 2019 Spending Round.

Briefing: Spending Round - initial summary
info 5-Sep-2019 17:10
The 2019 Spending Round sets non-capital (or “Resource”) budgets for all government departments for the financial year 2020-21, determining how much money departments and associated arms length bodies have to spend on pay, recruitment, and other running costs for that year.

General Conference Document: Public services sector conference decisions 2019
info 13-Aug-2019 14:55
Record of decisions on motions debated at Prospect's public services sector conference 2019

Leaflet/booklet: Standards for professionals in education and children's services in England
info 5-Jul-2019 10:40
Standards for professionals in education and children’s services aims to underpin the definition and development of their roles, the services that they deliver and the professional actions they undertake.

Briefing: Spending Review - background and prospects - May 2019
info 22-May-2019 15:14
The Government is due to conduct a Spending Review in 2019. This will have major consequences for the jobs, pay and working conditions of everyone working in Government Departments, Agencies, NDPBs, and the wider public sector, as well as wider consequences for the UK’s public services and economy. This briefing sets out key background to the Spending Review and current expectations and questions about the direction it may take.

Conference Paper: 2019 Public services sector conference agenda
info 16-Apr-2019 16:54
The agenda for the public services sector conference at the Crowne Plaza hotel, Nottingham, 21 May 2019.