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Briefing: A Just Transition plan for the UK Power Sector
info 13-Oct-2020 16:11
Discussion paper, October 2020. The climate emergency demands a rapid and radical response: fossil fuels must be dislodged from the heart of our energy systems and replaced with low-carbon alternatives if we are to achieve our legally binding target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Submission: Prospect submission to Scottish parliament ECCLR committee inquiry on green recovery
info 10-Aug-2020 09:40
Prospect's submission to the Scottish parliament Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform committee's call for evidence on green recovery.

Briefing: Why Prospects supports new nuclear
info 5-Aug-2020 14:29
Why Prospect supports new nuclear, an explainer of Prospect's policy and position

Leaflet/booklet: Green Recovery Plan for the UK Energy Sector
info 23-Jul-2020 00:01
Prospect believes a green recovery plan for energy to help us get back on track to net zero is urgently needed, and we are proposing ten key areas for action.

Briefing: Prospect response to Just Transition Commission for Scotland
info 30-Jun-2020 11:26
Prospect's response to the February 2020 call for evidence by the Just Transition Commission Scotland

Letter: Mike Clancy to Rishi Sunak nuclear 24th June 2020
info 25-Jun-2020 16:16
Letter from Mike Clancy to Rishi Sunak regarding support for new nuclear in forthcoming fiscal stimulus package

Leaflet/booklet: Energy supply industry - Returning to workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic
info 21-May-2020 16:23
Leaflet for use on site to encourage safe working practices.

Submission: Proposal for workforce resilience output measure in RIIO-2 framework - January 2020
info 10-Jan-2020 13:38
Proposal for workforce resilience output measure in RIIO-2 framework - January 2020

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