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Employment law update: The Importance of Wording in Settlement Agreements & COT3s
info 19-Dec-2022 11:54
This update analyses a recent judgment of the Court of Appeal which highlights the importance for negotiators and advisers to try to ensure that the agreement is specific to that employment and future claims, of which the employee could not reasonably be aware, are excluded from settlement agreements or COT3s.

Leaflet/booklet: Union week - a year with Prospect Legal
info 8-Nov-2019 10:04
Flyer setting out some of the legal successes for Prospect & BECTU members since last year’s union week.

National newsletter: LegalEye, issue 21, November 2019
info 6-Nov-2019 11:19
Highlights include: member wins claim for unfair dismissal, successful failure to consult cases and other news from the legal team.

Leaflet/booklet: A Guide to Prospect Legal Advice (Welsh language)
info 5-Sep-2018 10:57
Welsh language version of a guide to legal advice and services provided by Prospect to members

Leaflet/booklet: A guide to Prospect/Bectu legal advice in Northern Ireland
info 5-Sep-2018 10:48
A guide to legal advice and services provided to Prospect and Bectu members in Northern Ireland

News release: Prospect wins Scottish discrimination case
info 10-Mar-2017 12:43
Prospect wins tribunal case against Scottish manufacturer

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 9 - April 2016
info 15-Apr-2016 11:48
Legal Eye - Issue 9 - April 2016

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Prospect at Work Campaign Special - January 2016
info 7-Jan-2016 08:54
A special issue of LegalEye covering the activities of the 2016 "Prospect at Work" campaign