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Local newsletter: Isle of Man - Legal Eye
info 22-Oct-2020 09:01
Newsletter for members in the Isle of Man on the new arrangements for legal services

Leaflet/booklet: Union week - a year with Prospect Legal
info 8-Nov-2019 10:04
Flyer setting out some of the legal successes for Prospect & BECTU members since last year’s union week.

National newsletter: LegalEye, issue 21, November 2019
info 6-Nov-2019 11:19
Highlights include: member wins claim for unfair dismissal, successful failure to consult cases and other news from the legal team.

National newsletter: LegalEye, issue 20, April 2019
info 25-Apr-2019 12:00
Highlights include: member wins sexual discrimination case again ONS; success in the seven-year legal battle for civil servants who were subjected to race or age discrimination at the Home Office; a successful case for members in the Fire and Rescue Service Association in Jersey’s Royal Court, equal pay improvements for members at the ENO

National newsletter: Legal Eye, issue 19, January 2019
info 31-Jan-2019 14:40
Highlights include: tribunal win for member who spoke out about sexual harassment; successful tribunal claim after a failure to make reasonable adjustments on recruitment; rights for freelance workers, pay for shared parental leave, damages for personal injury and a round-up of 2018

National newsletter: Legal Eye, September 2018, Issue 18
info 25-Sep-2018 14:18
Legal and employment law updates from Prospect. This issue includes: a tribunal win for unfair dismissal against the Health and Safety Executive; a successful claim for industrial injuries benefit and a member who won her claim of pregnancy discrimination

Leaflet/booklet: A Guide to Prospect Legal Advice (Welsh language)
info 5-Sep-2018 10:57
Welsh language version of a guide to legal advice and services provided by Prospect to members

Leaflet/booklet: A guide to Prospect/Bectu legal advice in Northern Ireland
info 5-Sep-2018 10:48
A guide to legal advice and services provided to Prospect and Bectu members in Northern Ireland